Expectations of Carlisle Rotarians

Carlisle Rotary Club

Expectations of New and All Active Members
New Members
New Members are issued a red name badge upon joining the Club. In order to change this to a blue name badge, new members must do four of the following five tasks (within the first six months in the Club):
  • Read and understand the Club’s constitution and bylaws (mandatory)
  • Give a brief talk on your work field and background ( "New Member Spotlight" -mandatory)
  • Attend a monthly Board meeting
  • Serve as a lunch meeting greeter at least once
  • Refer a new member or bring a guest to lunch.
New members are, as are all members, expected to participate in any number of club activities offered by the club. Participation is important in helping to promote community events and in developing a positive relationship with others. 
All Active Members
All active members are expected to do the following.
  • Pay Club dues promptly when billed.
  • Sign up for and participate on at least one committee of the Club.
  • Participate in/help with/support special projects of the Club (e.g. flower watering, Christmas in July, park cleanup, Christmas Dinner auction, etc.). 
  • Make an annual tax deductible contribution to the Rotary Foundation. The Club fiscal year is July 1 through the following June 30. A suggested minimum contribution is $25, although higher amounts are encouraged, while lesser amounts are acceptable. Those individuals who contribute $100 or more in a year to the Rotary Foundation are noted in the Club Directory as Sustaining Members.
  • At Club meetings, be attentive to guest speakers and refrain from holding side conversations while others are speaking.
  • At all times, respect the opinions of fellow Rotarians and be supportive of and refrain from being disrespectful of fellow Rotarians and Rotary activities.