Carlisle High School Seniors’ Unity Mural Presentation to the Rotary Club of Carlisle  
Press Release
For Immediate Release                
September 12, 2021                                                       
Contact: Rick Coplen, Rotary Club of Carlisle  
Carlisle High School Seniors’ Unity Mural Presentation to the Rotary Club of Carlisle  
Carlisle High School Seniors Leah Bowman and Dervla Dolan, supported by Carlisle Area School District (CASD) Art Department Chair, Ashley Gogoj, will explain the genesis and painting process of the Unity Mural at the Carlisle Police Department Station.  Starting at 12 noon on Thursday, Sept 16th in the Comfort Suites of downtown Carlisle, the Rotary Club of Carlisle will host this presentation, which will also feature remarks by Taro Landis, Carlisle Police Chief, and the Reverend Dr. Jeff Gibelius, Lead Pastor of Carlisle’s Second Presbyterian Church and co-founder of the Carlisle Bridge Builders.
Leah Bowman asserted, “I hope that by painting murals around Carlisle that represent unity amongst all races, genders, sexual orientation, etc., we will be able to grow into the all-inclusive and respectful town I know we can be.” Dervla Dolan said, “We all need to have a reckoning with our preconceived biases when it comes to social justice, and I think paintings like these can highlight the need for unity not only in Carlisle, but the entirety of the nation.” 
Ashley Gogoj stated, “Art has the power to bring people together. Both artists and art viewers are able to see the world through the same lens and can present the world in a way that influences perspectives.”  CASD Superintendent, Christina Spielbauer, stated, “The Carlisle Area School District is incredibly proud of the work that Mrs. Gogoj and the CHS students did to create the Unity Mural at the Carlisle Police Station.  Thank you to Chief Landis for allowing the CHS students to paint their mural of unity for our community.”  Rev. Dr. Jeff Gibelius will explain the mission of Carlisle Bridge Builders (CBB) and its role in the creation of the Unity Mural as well as the creation of the “We Need Each Other to Survive” signs seen around Carlisle.   Dr. Gibelius stated, “These signs began as a way to show support for police in Carlisle; they turned into an expression of how we all depend on each other; not just during times of crisis, but always." Chief Taro Landis will explain his role and that of the Carlisle Police Department in the creation of the Unity Mural and support for unity in the Carlisle community.   “On this twentieth anniversary of the 9/11 attack on our Nation, it is still important that we understand that: We Need Each Other To Survive!”
Rotary Club of Carlisle President, Geoff Mangelsdorf, said, “The Rotary Club of Carlisle is proud to be an integral part of shaping and improving our community for over 100 years. The Unity Mural represents the best of our community into the future where we embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion.”
For more context on the creation and painting of the “Unity Mural,” please see attached pictures and: